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Muscle tension, cramps and discomforts within our bodies are part of life. Whether we are active athletes or not, stress builds up in muscles and these tensions don’t miraculously disappear the longer we ignore them. Unless we find a way to release them, the strain continues to grow and the stress on our body intensifies.

As avid athletes, David and I wanted to find a way to enhance our performance, to care for our muscles after an intense day as well as finding a solution to treat our bodies when we had suffered an injury or set back - a solution that didn’t involve spending cash on daily massage appointments.

We had tried some fitness gear that was available on the market, but none of it was hitting the spot, nothing made us feel like we could include it in our daily routine to give our bodies the boost we were searching for.

Taking matters into our own hands, Pulse8 was born. Our range of products offer muscle release and enhancement, like never before. Handheld, ergonomic massagers with lifetime guarantees and virtual instructors to assist you in making the most of your Pulse8 product.

We are your support after a tough day, a vital part of your routine, keeping you tension free for longer.

We're in this together now